NCLEX RN Remediation Course Florida, USA

HNS Classes has designed the NCLEX RN Course approved by Florida Board of Nursing with the sole intension of allowing the RNs with another chance to undertake the exam after failing to turn out successful, more than thrice. As per the norms of Florida Board of Nursing, our course is even open to those, whose license has lapsed. Furthermore, we as well welcome fresh graduates who desire to review the Nursing Course. We make a note to offer our best to our learners and to assure this we have a team of experienced tutors who can impart the best study atmosphere by blending practical studies and theoretical learning. Our course materials as well include all the skills and essential nursing processes that are looked out for by the leading names in the health care sector. Besides, HNS Classes is an institute that can be approached by overseas nursing graduates with missed out credits in order to complete their study in the field of nursing.


To review the general standard curriculum of NLN approved nursing programs as the highlight of our course we keep up to the expected mark and have introduced programs in the following fields:

1. Fundamentals

2. Women's Health and Labour & Delivery

3. Mental Health

4. Medical-Surgical Nursing

5. Paediatrics and Human Growth & Development


Since it was initially designed to offer Nursing Remedial Course materials to foreign nursing students, the programs provided by us are quite different compared to other Remediation courses available across the states of the United State.  Plus due to our patent system, we have been receiving more than 85% pass rate for the last decade.


Didactic Portion

The NCLEX RN Course material created by HNS Classes has been so specially designed that none of the learners can predict any questions that they will be tested with. We take note of the fact that our testing procedure includes all the skills that are expected out of an efficient nursing student. The complete process comprises of five major sections and each student is required to take 100 question quizzes which will be later scrutinized by an instructor. Candidates who fail to do so have to sit for a fresh sitting all over again. This exam is not meant for candidates whose license has lapsed.


Clinical Portion

The course can be completed with guidance from a clinical expert possessing two years of nursing license, board approved B.S.N. and all the standard norms put down by the Florida Board of Nursing. He can be either a local of Boynton Beach or an outsider.



1. Didactic Portion: candidates are required to pass all the quizzes with 70% (Fundamentals, Women's Health and Labour & Delivery, Mental Health, Medical-Surgical Nursing and Paediatrics and Human Growth & Development)

Addition to it, students who seek to takes the NLN(R) exam also need to pass the test with 70%.

2. Clinical Portion: Pass/Fail



$1200.00 - the least expensive course in the entire states.