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HNS(r) classes is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hispanic Nurse Solutions , http://www.hispanicnursesolutions.com HNS classes offers other programs including :board approved remediation/refresher programs for the Florida Board of Nursing and the Nevada Board of Nursing. This program is available to those who have failed the nclex-rn (r) more than 3 times , as an nclex-rn(r) review for new graduates and for those who license has lapsed and the board has required that you take a refresher course. This program is available 24/7 on demand. Read more about HNS's unique trademarked technique here...tiny.cc/dpjy6x

If you want to participate in the only course that you can begin whenever you wish. Simply, apply today the course is 100 didactic or theory and 96 hours of clinical in Florida and 120 of clinical in Nevada.

New Students apply today !!! click , fill out and send pdf.ac/1qbxCJ


HNS is the most economical of all courses in the State of Florida : Coursework, tutoring and clinical hours for the low price of $1200.00. International applicants buying the program from outside of US have a $50 dollars charge extra, so total will be $1250.00

You can make a one time payment on any major credit card: Simply, complete this form and send along with your application pdf.ac/2peLp6

Or if it is more conveninet you can sign up today by paying $415.00 and 30 days from your sign up the next $415.00 will be charged and 60 days from that the final $415.00 will be charged . If this is your choice please, complete the authorization enclosed, pdf.ac/6Tmyjl

 Nursing Informatics Video

Remedial NCLEX explanation Video  : The firts graduated for NCLEX can also use this course.

Nurse Licensure Compact Video

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